Al Gatto Nero & The Seahorse

Twinned in spirit

About Al Gatto Nero

Founded in 1965 by chef Ruggero Bovo, and led by his son Massimiliano Bovo, Trattoria al Gatto Nero in Burano is one of the best seafood restaurants in the world. They consistently offer local cuisine of the highest quality in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere which has locals and international visitors queuing outside the door.

Friends bound by a common love

There is something about a common vision that makes friends of strangers, binds distant lands and cultures, and forges unlikely relationships. The Seahorse and al Gatto Nero are such friends, bound by a common love of seafood. Mitch met Massi and the Al Gatto Nero team in 2000 when he was researching his second book, and became firm friends. Those friends are now family and we are proud that our restaurants are twinned in spirit across the seas.

Al Gatto Nero and The Dartmouth Food Festival

One of our personal highlights every year during Dartmouth Food Festival is knowing that our Al Gatto Nero family will be making the long journey north from Venice to join us. Their classic Venetian seafood feasts have become legendary events, not to be missed.

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