The Seahorse Story

A place built on a love of seafood and life

Since 2008 The Seahorse has been a place to gather for conversation and debate, and to enjoy the local seafood. Fresh fish, seasonal ingredients and a love of Italian cookery underpin everything we do.

Our Dartmouth Family

The Seahorse was built by family, and that family continues to grow here in Dartmouth and in Italy. Founded by Mat Prowse and Mitch Tonks, the restaurant, bar and Seahorse events are now run by Mitch’s son Head Chef Ben Tonks, General Manager Bronte Story.

Our Italian family

There is something about a common vision that makes friends of strangers and binds distant lands and cultures. The Seahorse and Al Gatto Nero in Burano are such friends, bound by a common love of seafood and now twinned in spirit across the sea.

Locally landed seafood

Fresh local seafood is delivered twice a day from Brixham market just a few miles away from the restaurant. This means our menu can change throughout the day, according to availability, but that you are always guaranteed fresh local fish.. Cooking it with respect and simplicity over a charcoal fire is a speciality at The Seahorse.

Daily changing menu

We have a love of Italian food that underpins how we think and what we cook each day. Alongside fresh seafood, at The Seahorse you will find pastas, rice and stews using the style and flavour that you would find in many coastal Mediterranean restaurants.

Carefully curated wine list

Our wine list features classic French burgundy’s as well as plenty of Italian whites and reds which are utterly delicious with seafood and fish.

In the top 100 for
more than a decade