Seahorse Restaurant

Seahorse Restaurant

The Seahorse Restaurant

We have a sense of excitement and anticipation every day that we open the restaurant, we look forward to our cooking and welcoming guests into our restaurant.

Preparation for the day begins early with the baking of focaccia, the making of our anchoiade (a service would be incomplete without it), stocks simmer, pasta is rolled and cuttlefish gently braises into a soft melting stew of red wine and ink. Another fish delivery arrives and is weighed in, scales and bones are removed and the menu is written for lunchtime. We have 10 minutes all together and talk about the menu, the fish and the arrival of our guests. We toast each other with the day’s aperitivo, enjoy the moment and then take up our positions.

At 12:00 we welcome our first guests into Joe’s Bar, aperitivos are served and the show begins. In the dining room we are serving our first antipasti and wines, we proudly show our guests a tray of the days fish that we can prepare for them. Fish baked in sea salt is prepared tableside flickering with blue flames and the distinct smell of anise, whilst the smell of garlic, saffron and the open charcoal grill hang in the air, people come and go, more fish arrives and the show goes on until the curtain comes down when the last guests leave… and another show starts tomorrow.

We thought the easiest way to explain our restaurant was through the eyes of one of the team.

Customer Comments

We were a party of six and couldn’t believe just how fantastic everything was. Coping with a pandemic is hard enough, flooded kitchens and loss of facilties just about impossible you’d think. Not a bit of it. A terrific menu delivered expertly by superb staff. All the things you expect of The Seahorse but under added pressure. You made our wedding anniversary celebration just that little bit more memorable. We all loved every minute and cannot thank you all enough.


Absolutely stunning sat eating fabulous sea food on the banks of the river dart it realy does not get any better 

Still my favourite place to eat in the SW. Can’t wait until you’re open again in the restaurant and we can come again before Christmas for a good go. The food was excellent as always, and the service friendly and helpful. The only comment was the turbot maybe needed a bit more on the grill but that’s the only thing we can think of. Amazing Negroni made with love. Nice work for getting the Al Mare up and running despite the flood.