Devon Environment Foundation

Set up and co-founded by Mitch in 2020, The Seahorse and Rockfish are proud to support the Devon Environment Foundation who’s ambition is to protect and restore at least 30% of Devon’s land and water by 2030. 

Renowned for its natural beauty, Devon is one of the largest counties in Britain and one of the least densely populated. It’s therefore the perfect place to scale Nature-based Solutions (NbS) to redress nature’s balance and repair the damage we’ve caused.

Devon’s diverse natural habitats include: woodlands, wetlands, moorlands, meadows, hedgerows, rivers, estuaries, and many more beneath its coastal waters. In recent decades, Devon’s natural assets have significantly diminished. To restore nature’s balance we need urgent, transformative action.

There are already lots of brilliant environmental initiatives happening in Devon – including rewilding, regenerative agriculture, reintroduction of keystone species, and marine permaculture.However, many of these initiatives are fledgling projects that need financial support to fully maximise their potential for positive impact.

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