About The Seahorse

Our restaurant specializes in seafood and is situated on the banks of the River Dart in Dartmouth. We are lucky to have some of the best fish and shellfish in the world landed here.

We believe that seafood of this quality requires skillful but simple prepartion to enjoy it as it's best and this is at the heart of what we do. Much of the seafood we serve at our restaurant is roasted over an open charcoal fire with just a few herbs and our own olive oil. We also serve a number of specilaities including our roasted monkfish, scallops roasted with white port, black rice and, spaghetti with our local seafood, for those wishing not to eat seafood we have some meat choices including our legendary rib of angus beef roasted over the fire.

Our current menu features a variety of species depending on daily availability. In particular on our menu at the moment is cuttlefish, small squid ,turbot, sole & mussels which are grown in Elberry cove just a few miles away. During the summer months you may enjoy some of the finest lobster, brown crab and spider crab here which are prepared fresh each day. In addition to the wonderful seafood we have deliveries each week from the markets of Milan and Paris and and currently we offer baby artichokes from Brittany, Burratta from Andria in Puglia and Heirloom tomatoes grown in the UK.

We have an extensive wine list of over 180 bins, all carefully chosen for seafood and we open a selection each day to serve by the glass so there is always something different to try.


We look forward to welcoming you.

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Giles Coren, Saturday Times
"We… walked up towards a warm, amber glow on the drizzly seafront. There was a bustle inside, of diners and waiters and general enjoyment of life. The lighting was low, the banquette seating was soft and cosy, people were drinking cocktails, conversation was spreading across tables, olives and tarama and little bits and pieces were being plonked on tables for sharing. It was like peering into a really good turn of the last century local bistro in Lyons or Marseilles. It was just exactly where you wanted to go on a rainy night a long way from home. The Seahorse… is perfect. Our dinner there was the best meal that I have had all year "

Tom Parker-Bowles
"It's manna from Devon: From the magically fresh fish to the sublime décor, this corking quayside restaurant might be the best in Britain"

Nathan Outlaw
"Probably my favourite restaurant. The first time I went I’d heard it was going to be amazing; it didn’t disappoint. It’s everything I love about seafood: simple, good-quality ingredients. It celebrates British seafood with an Italian edge, with excellent use of Italian herbs, oils, vinegars and tomatoes.

The best thing I’ve had was a whole monkfish on the bone, marinated in herbs and cooked over charcoal. They did something quite magical to that fish. It gets very busy in the summer, but I love taking my family here, and my children are treated really well every time, which isn’t always the case in the UK."

5 South Embankment
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